to my future self…

So time is cart-wheeling in to fall and once again I find myself looking at the date and marveling at how fast it all seems to be moving… is during these moments I realize the importance of archiving(yes Christine you told me so) and journaling my life so that when I look back I can remember….it all…how I felt…what thoughts I had…..and what I resolved to do. Its an interesting perspective to look back from here, the present….to think now about what I did……… yes…..what have I been up to….to my future self……. … .. .. . . . . Its been more than three months since I left Seith, and for the first time since then he called. He came over for an hour or so, we had tea and we talked….It was perfect, and bitter sweet……sweet because I finally heard what I had been wanting to hear, and bitter because I heard what I had wanted to hear…..he is still so lost….In the meantime I have been exceedingly busy working my full time at the shop and trying to pull together the launch of Twin Love designs, the new hand made label that my twin sister and I are working on. So I have been crocheting like a mad granny, as well as tooling around with various graphics. It has had 2 sales in the first week. I am very excited. It took Earthjoules weeks before I had my first sale, let alone 2 in one week. I feel very motivated to get stuff up on the site often. In fact I should be crocheting right now. …..but, I m trying not to burn out, so I ve been making sure that I also go out lots….(ok not like I ve ever had a problem doing that ; ) Some highlights are VEMF, AK1200, Jenna s Bday, Random Encounters Wednesdays, Ring shopping with Matt for Heather, their subsequent engagement!!!, and also-ummm yeah.. …mmm…maybe I ll stop there.So my plans for the fall, Is to pretty much take it easy, work on my two etsy stores, organize my house (its a never ending process), get through the craziness that is October(b-days, thanksgiving, halloween), and let the world turn, come what may.


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