Things I Like This Week!

Oh goodness, it is time to do an Unordered List! (That is kind of a system joke.)Painting my nails. I found all my old nail polish in a box, and there is a store I want to go to to get more. I like having painted nails but also I like actually painting them.Hanazakari no Kimitachi e — I do not love it, but I like it. And some of the art is nice. I think we have an art book around here somewhere? It might be fun to try drawing some of the characters just for practise although there are like 8 million things I would try to draw for practise if I had time.Toast with butter and orange marmalade! It is funny, I hate a lot of orange things but bitter marmalade is wonderful.I am still deciding about Mazzy Star, and the new clothes from Express.Bryn


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