Writer s Block: Unfriended, Unspecified!

Has anyone ever unfriended you without explanation? Did you ask why? Have you ever deleted someone from your friend list without saying why?First question listed was submitted by edlane. (Follow-up questions, if any, may have been added by LiveJournal.) View 1160 Answers Well, sure. I figure pretty much anyone who has any kind of account that allows for watching/friending has had such a thing happen. And perhaps there was a time when this would have bothered me more, but no longer. I don t expect anyone to retain me on their friends list forever, and vise versa. People change. Tastes change. You may want to read what I have to write about one day, but then decide it s not for you the next. ESPECIALLY with me. I tend to do a lot of ranting because that s what my journal is used for, primarily. Because I use this as a venting board, some people, who decided they couldn t be arsed to try to get to know me by talking one-on-one with me more often, have deemed me to be “too negative” for them, so they ve dropped me. In that case, I had an explanation, as stupid and shallow as it may be. And to be completely honest, I m more than happy to be rid of people who have taken me off their list for that reason, because it tells me they never cared anything about ME to begin with.I have, though, had people I felt I was closer to drop me without a warning or any explanation thereafter. There are only two cases in which I actually contacted the person to ask them why…The first time was right after Hurricane Katrina. I had had someone who had been talking quite a lot with me and acting very friendly with me drop me from their friends list without any warning or explanation, and when I asked them why they had done it, as I found it strange, I was told, “Because you hadn t updated in a long time and I figured you weren t coming back.” Soooo… that journal entry about how a killer hurricane was headed right for me before I “mysteriously vanished” wasn t enough for you? You know, when you could come to my page and have a look and SEE that this was the last entry I had made and that was why. In that case, I found the explanation to be a shallow cop out. I ll never know the real reason, but it let me know that this person was probably after something other than my friendship, and as soon as I wasn t immediately available to them anymore, I was no longer useful to them.The second time it happened was with someone who is actually the boyfriend/mate of someone who remains on my friends list right now. He mysteriously unfriended me with no warning. I found this VERY strange, since we d exchanged rather large sums of money before. I thought we were closer in our friendship than that. And when I asked about it? …nothing. I received no response AT ALL. Honestly, yes. This made me feel hurt. I still can t really imagine what it was that caused him to do this. I ll likely never know, as I respect this person enough not to pester him over such things.As I see it, everyone is going to want to know why it happened to them. I think that s just human nature. Even so, I still hold an understanding with those on my list that anyone can unfriend me without offering me an explanation. And I expect to receive the same courtesy from them if I feel like removing someone from my own list. There are SO many other things that are more worthy of drama than this. And, really, just because you re not on someone s friends list on a website does NOT mean you aren t their friend.


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