me being snippy

You: omg hiStranger: heyYou: how are you wtf hi how areyouStranger: uhmm good you?You: uhm stop acting so coool.You: im goodYou: just settle downStranger: cool?You: shhhYou: anywayStranger: are you a guy or girlYou: girl are you a girl tooYou: i think you areYou: cuz you are pretty bitchyStranger: no actually im not?You: WHY DO YOU ASK SO MANY UNNECESSARY QUESTIONSStranger: .You: okYou: soYou: are you from canada thenYou: because you are so degrassiStranger: what? i like the show but i totally dont act like themYou: so you are from canandaStranger: yeah so?You: TELL ME A SECRETStranger: ok like whatYou: like the filthiest most degrassi secret you have ever hadStranger: filthy degrassi secret? whats thatYou: omgYou: stopYou: just tell me a secretYou: is that so hard to understandStranger: fine i ve done it with 2 different people in the same night with out them knowing thatYou: you go to hell themYou: thenYou: are you extremely uglyStranger: noYou: prove it then canada faceStranger: name calling? yeah not cool where are YOU fromYou: why dont you take a lucky guess you pointless question lover.Stranger: canada?You: fuck noStranger: america?You: YEAHYou: LAND OF THE STUPID FUCKSStranger: im taking it you dont like your governmentYou: look i dont careYou: just watch this and stop being so snobbyYou: you arent craig okay? youll never be craig.You: you ll only be jimmy. black and confined to a wheelchairStranger: dog bites man. wowYou: wow why dont you take the time and watch it you fuckStranger: no need to be snippy.You: you might laugh your silly ass offStranger: yeah probably notYou: why are you so pointless and annoyingStranger: if you dont like me you can just disconnect… you dont have to bother by stayingYou: i am going to stay til you watch itYou: and laughStranger: it wasnt funnyYou: wow then you are a so fucking dumbYou: and probably play wowYou: byeStranger: wow? whats tht


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