Fic:Fueled 3/?

Title: Fueled (3/?)Authors: Raise_a_jar and TragictalesRating: NC-17 (eventually)Warnings: Implied Het…Feedback: Always welcomed and always appreciated.Fandom: LotripsPairings: OB/DM, VM/SB, KU/EB, KU/OFCSummary: A weekend Charity race turns out to be more than anyone thought it could.A/N: Self-beta’d so all damage is our own!Disclaimer: We solemnly swear we are not affiliated (though we’d love to be)with the actors written about in this story. This is a work of fiction and we are not receiving any money for writing this, it’s for our own pleasure and of course the pleasure of others.Will be friends-locked after one week.( Read more… )


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