Cosplay shopping

I had to take my husband and son shopping today. While they were doing their thing, I looked at women’s clothing and I kept thinking in terms of the Pippa cosplay. We stopped at the thrift store and I was the only one who found anything there. (Although my son says he doesn’t mind shopping there, he practically never actually buys anything.) I bought a dark blue top that is close in color to the jeans I was wearing. Add a light-colored cardigan or blazer: Pippa style!I also bought a colorful plaid housedress/nightgown thing that I’d like to wear as a day dress. I have not seen Pippa wearing anything like it, so it won’t be part of the cosplay.And that’s okay. Because I’m me and the life I dress for is quite different from hers. But it was fun and interesting to shop with that role in mind. It reminded me of when I used to wear heels and hose on the job, and how I’d think of my Victoria persona when I was shopping for work clothes.


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