if i shake for you will it make you feel the way she made you feel

I miss theSTART i want to see them again. aw.I need to post more. I foudn this awesome camera online, I ca nt remember what it was called. ACTION SAMPLER, I think. It takes like 4 pictures in 1 because it has 4 lenses, it looked awesome. IT doesn t have flash though. I think they ll make one with flash soon, so I can get one now (they re not that expensive) and a nicer one later. that would be really cool for concerts and what not. I had to write it down that I wanted one of thsoe cameras so I could remember that I wanted one because I ll probably forget.today I remembered how much I really really like Hole. 20 years in the dakota is the best song ever. I listened to pretty on the inside today, and I realized I haven t really given it as much attention as I have to the other hole cds. It s a really fabulous cd, I only got a little way through, but wow what a great band. I want to have a band like that.did I mention I got inducted in the national honor society? I couldn t believe t because I thought you had to do uhm community service, and I do none of that. But wow I got in, I couldn t believe it. And I didnt even think it was that big of a deal, but I guess it is. Way to go me.I should post more. About stuff. I m starting a penguin collection. I made a penguin in ceramics, its adorable. If you want to contribute to my penguin collection you know where to send the good. Sanrio Tuxedo Sam, you will be mine. And that Aeropostale penguin, I need him. They will be mine. I think i m going to apply to NYU. I can t really think of any other places that I want to apply to, that s really the only one I am kind of interested in. And I still don t know what I want to major in, something music relatred I think.


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