spies don t swim, i think

here goes an attempt to be a normal teenager having a blog post that describes an actual event that actually happened in said normal teen’s life (realised that I’m gonna run out of teen years soon) (when did that happen really) (gah the subject of time)The thing about having water stuck in your ear(or swimmer’s ear, the websites call it) – is that you’ll start tearing up in the middle of nowhere, for no particular reason.im so scared that I have an ear infection or smtgSo we all went swimming yesterday.Lil bro forced me out of my afternoon naps and dragged us all to the swimming complex – I was quite excited to swim actually, get fit blah blah blah but after 15 minutes of splashing in 1.2m pool, we were bored. Sitting on the floor of the pool underwater, check, floating on water with your face facing the sky, check, splash water at your siblings until they’re annoyed, check, who-can-hold-their-breath-longest-competition, check &won!, head down the slide of the children’s pool, check, smiling at absolutely adorable little kids before retracting the smile into a frown after realising that you’re probably creepy, check. Emerging from the waters with your thick, long, chlorinated hair all over your face – resembling some sort of Japanese ghost (freaking out little bro+sis+bb2 and other swimmers), check."Can we all just fast forward to the part where we get out of the pool and eat ice-cream?"So we did.Here is a googled image of raspberry ice-cream. (Caption from the website: Ice-cream, the meaning of dream) (decided that if I ever own an Ice-cream shop I’ll call it the "Meaning of Dream")Although it was supposed to be my treat, bb2 offered to pay me back for the ice-creams, and me, being a kid who needs money yet too lazy to do/find work, gladly accepted. Bb2 is a wonderful brother. Love them womb-sharers, as a whole.Typing out this post with Harry Potter dialogue as background music/noise.Wait, they changed it to Nat Geo channel – some movie scene where some guy blames the other guy to stop pushing the blame onto the oh-so-great President ha ha (what)-I just wanna say happy holidays!!! guys and I really missed seeing y’all on my friends page and that I love you lots <3so here is a(google takes quite a while to load hm)"We’re gonna build a roller coaster!"Recently, I spent my mornings not knowing what exactly to do (considered doing Amath but nah) – so I ended up joining Lil bro watch TV.To be honest, (1) I never really liked tv ever since the year started, watching cartoons esp (2) I’ve never quite watched Phineas and Ferb my whole life, (3) I thought almost everything related to Lil bro was lame, boy I was wrong.P&F are the epitome of cool kids.And it was pretty ironic how I’m lazing my butt away on the couch watching cartoons when Phineas is all about – "We just want to make everyday of our summer meaningful".And somehow that struck a chord in me.Squinting at the word meaningful, I figured I should make fruitful use my twelve weeks of so-called ‘freedom’. Lying on the couch, some part of me was all "Really, Wardah. What happened to spending your time in the library, reading and learning! All those subjects you said you were interested to know about! U said u wanted to be a passionate learner! *finger points* ". Evidently, laziness’ grip on me was tighter than my willingness to learn BUT ALL OF THAT IS SET TO CHANGE.And since those thoughts materialized into words, its best not to go back on your words.My right ear still stingingly hurts. (I tried everything to remove the water!! ‘cept for the vinegar and blow-dry method)Anyways, though I don’t think I’m gonna build papier mache life-sized, functional, airplanes anytime soon, (hopefully) I’m probably going to start drawing again and feel the creativity in my veins (lol), take solo cycling trips all around Singapore, see beauty in things I never seemed to realise or appreciate, be a tourist in my own country, understand the environment I live in better instead of being so self-absorbed in my small, petty problems, be a good citizen, be a nicer human to every single beautiful individual and be grateful to God for everything.*insert a BE POSITIVE AND SPREAD LOVE banner*yay for the world lets be a good people and smile is charity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D


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